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Om. Why are you always worried about your livelihood? Listen, the Lord who gave you life will also provide you with the means of support. His very presence in each and every heart implies that He is already taking care of your nourishment.

Worship the Lord and renounce your egotism and selfconceit. Beginning right in the morning, you should ponder over the Name of the Lord from the bottom of your heart.

Posted by: aumcara | May 4, 2011

Money does buy happiness

Om. Who says money does not buy happiness?

Money buys happiness. If you give it away. Selflessly. To help someone in need of it who doesn’t have it.

Posted by: aumcara | April 29, 2011

Best Charity

Om. The best charity is to give away the thing that you like the most with love and without regret to someone whom nobody is willing to help.

Posted by: aumcara | April 26, 2011

A Happiness Revolution

Om. Let’s start a revolution. An internal one.

A ‘Happiness revolution’ rebelling against the ‘monkey’ mind that governs our actions.

Posted by: aumcara | April 23, 2011

Death is inevitable

Om. The inevitability of death. As Eugene Levine said “we are all dead men on leave”. We forget the moment we are born, the clock towards death starts moving. It doesn’t stop no matter what we do, until we die. Death treats everyone equally and fairly. It is impartial and happens to anyone who is born.

Knowing this, all the conceit, unnecessary accumulation and greed is only going to be harmful – so, why do it?

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We will all go one day

Om. OMar Khayyam –> Make the most of the time, we may yet spend; before we too into dust descend. Dust to dust, under dust to lie, without song, without wine, without end. Though you may have lain with a mistress all your life, tasted the sweets of the world all your life, still the end of the affair will be your departure.
It was a dream that you dreamed all your life.

Posted by: aumcara | April 23, 2011

Criticizing others

Om. Making fun of other people’s problems or criticizing them (instead of helping them) for not paying attention to the seemingly obvious issues that could have caused them will ensure that you yourself will experience the same problems in the future.

An example is making fun of a friend who is experiencing insomnia.

Posted by: aumcara | January 4, 2011

2011 – The year of vegetarianism

Om. Let 2011 be the year of vegetarianism. Let all of us, whoever we might be, try to at least try to skip meat and seafood in one meal a day. If that is not possible, maybe one time per week. The more the better. Better for your own health, well being, soul & environment. More food that would have gone to feed animals to be slaughtered can instead be made available to the poor who survive on one meal or less a day.

If you can become a vegetarian for a certain period of time, it’s even better. And if for life, wow!

Try it yourself the RIGHT way (slow and educated, well-prepared transition) and experience the results for yourself!
SPREAD THE WORD! Help others who might be interested to transition to vegetarianism. Don’t impose on anyone, but do help those who show the inclination!
Posted by: aumcara | November 18, 2010

Karma and reincarnation

Om. You see a mango tree today bearing delicious mangoes. You were not there 10 years back when the mango seeds were planted. However, you see the results of those seeds today – the delicious ripe mangoes ready to be eaten. That is karma for you. You can tell by looking at the results today (in the now) what actions were performed yesterday (past).

Om. For a baby just born, who is very pretty and charming, the results you see today are from actions in the previous lifetimes. This is loosely defined by the word ‘reincarnation’ in the English language.

Posted by: aumcara | November 18, 2010

Clothes for the soul

Om. This body constitutes the clothes that were given by the divine to cover your soul, based on your past karma. Since these clothes are a gift of God, take good care of them. However, don’t get obsessed with them. Remember, they are just clothes; one day, they will get worn and torn no matter what you do and will need to be replaced.

Om. As a rule of thumb, if the time spent on taking care of these clothes is greater than the time spent on nourishing your soul, then you have a problem.

Not all food (don’t take ‘food’ literally here) is good for the soul. Take care of that.

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