Posted by: aumcara | June 29, 2009

The treasure that can’t be looted

A few months ago
The house in which seeker
Used to live got ransacked
The prime target being
The room in which seeker
Grew up learning
The true meaning of life

They informed the seeker
Your room got despoiled
Your treasures were looted
We are very upset
We are very shocked
How do you feel

Seeker kept quiet
No emotions to show at all
Seeker thought what treasures
Could the thieves have taken
For the real treasure
Is inside his heart

A treasure nobody can steal
A treasure nobody can destroy
A treasure that once sown
Remains forever
They can kill the body
That carries this treasure
But they can’t still take
Away this secret treasure

The rest of the stuff
Was useless anyway
If not today it would have
Been destroyed tomorrow
The stuff we waste all the
Precious time of our lives on
What’s the use when
It doesn’t take long
For it to be gone?

Copyright © 2009 Puneet Kumar (Aum Cara). All rights reserved.


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